Legal Advertising Services ...

        Abatacor specializes in the placement of legal notices (legal advertisments) in appropriate newspapers worldwide.

        Not all newspapers are qualified to publish legal notices. Abatacor goes through a rigirous verification process to make sure that each newspaper in which a legal notice is placed is fully qualified by federal, state and local authorities.

        Each newspaper is also checked for circulation requirements and to make sure it provides the necessary and proper certification of publication (proof of publication) of your legal notice in a timely manner.

        There are no additional costs to you to use Abatacor Advertising Service. We do not charge you one cent for our service. Newspapers offer special discounted rates to advertising agencies.

      Countries, States and Counties Served ...

        At this time, Abatacor services only counties in the State of Nevada, U.S.A.. - Other countries, provences and U.S. states are currently being developed and will come on-line soon.

        Information and samples concerning various types of Nevada legal notices may be found by clicking on the following link ...
        Nevada legal notice samples

        If you have a legal notice that needs to be published in any Nevada county,
        click here to publish your legal notice.

      Nevada Annual Statements ...

        Nevada has a special law (NRS 80.190) that requires foreign entities (qualified to do business in Nevada) to publish an Annual Statement in a Nevada newspaper each year.

        If you have a company qualified to conduct business in Nevada,
        click here to publish your Annual Statement.

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